Jeriel + Nikie Prenup

We Fell In Love
by Srinivas Krishna

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Jeriel + Nikie Prenup | Pop-Art Theme

I saw her on a shining day
Never again in such a way
A great timing
when my heart pounded rhyming

I have the vision
to walk with her
set me on the mission
to make all the way for

Her’s an innocent face
With a joyful grace
Mine’s an innocent smile
Stalling everyone for a while

Whenever I smile
She bows her head in a style
and deep in her
flows certain vinegar

With all the favours in consent
we talked a lot
shared most in thought
and walked an ascent

There I looked into her eyes
Beautiful, brown and so nice
Frozen me into ice
in the world of butterflies
with all the eternal ties

Jeriel + Nikie Love Story

Location: Gospel House, Escario
Photography: Portraits by Bukool


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